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Marketing Approach

You have your own website and your products look amazing, and there are testemonials to the quality of your work from satisfied customers, and everyone is happy.

But the finished products are all behind you, and your future commisions are reliant on a steady stream of new customers. 

We can help with the marketing and we can assist with your future commisions. We have a strategy based on looking at the bigger picture.

Together, we are Stronger.

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People to See

Relationships Matter

Every piece of original furniture is a unique fusion between nature, maker and customer.

The value of the relationship between maker and nature is necessary and well understood.

The value of the relationship between maker and customer is necessary and cannot be overstated: no relationship, no build … no sale!

We can help you make and develop that relationship.

Leaving us to do the groundwork leaves you with the time to devote to your customers.

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Customer Support

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Local Knowledge

We want to help makers find customers and we want to help customers find makers.

We want to become the go-to place for one-off tables.

Terry the Table

We want to build an environment that supports, encourages and develops the small-scale artisan, and we want to do if fairly.

Clare the Chair

We are just as committed to creating value for customers as we are for the makers that make all this possible.  

Products for sale?

Maker Marketplace

The tensegrity marketplace is a channeled marketplace for your products.

We have four primary themes: tensegrity tables, river tables, live edge tables and tree root tables.

We also support a couple of secondary themes that are closely related to the primary themes in that they utilise similar manufacturing techniques or else fall into the “interesting table” category.

The tensegrity marketplace is managed by you, the maker and seller, in a similar way to that of the more established marketplaces. The difference is that the tensegrity marketplace operates without the distraction of unrelated goods.   

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Four Primary Categories

Tensegrity Tables

River Tables

Live Edge Tables

Tree Root Tables

Grasp the Lead and Make the First Move

Start the Conversation

When it comes to the sales and marketing, most small-sclae makers find themselves at a disadvantage when compared to the commodity-priced mass-production retail sales machines occupying the High Street.

But … the people who buy one-off products are not the people who shop in the bargain basement. 

Let us concentrate on raising your profile and finding customers that appreciate the value of the one-off whilst you concentrate on making it worth their commitment. We have a plan!

See the rest of this web page for our Maker Proposition, follow the links for more detail, and then use the form opposite to initiate some contact. We will explain our vision of the future, we will explain your part in our vision and our part in your future: we will explain how we can all work together to make the future a future worth making!

Start now, let’s make the most of our opportunities. 

Take care of Yourself ... and each other.


To be determined

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Work-life Balance

The pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to the mental health of the general population.

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Living with Dementia

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